How Better Web Design Can Increase Your Revenue


Whether you’re a non-profit organization, a hotel chain, or an e-commerce website, the most crucial thing that you need to invest on is web design. In today’s tech-obsessed world, your business or organization might as well not exist if you don’t have a website. But the mere existence of a website does not necessarily spell success for your business venture.


If you’re a non-profit organization, for example, your goal would be to make the website donor-friendly, social media-friendly, volunteer-friendly, and easy to navigate through. The only thing that you can accomplish these things is with the help of a good web design.

If you’re a hotel chain owner, your site needs to create a great first impression; it should be easy for guests to check on the rates and amenities; and it should be very easy for them to make bookings online. Again, the only way that these goals would be accomplished is if you have a good web design.

Why It Pays to Invest in Good Web Design


Now, if you are a business owner, how can better web design increase your revenue? If you’re running an e-commerce website, how can good web design improve the site’s conversion? Here are the top ways that a good web design can increase your revenue:

  • A good layout allows online users to look for products more quickly.

Part of a good web design is a non-complicated layout. Once an online user visits your site, he or she would only take a few seconds to decide whether to click away – or stay and browse through your individual web pages. If you have a good web design, online users can find what they’re looking for a lot more quickly. By incorporating the search box on your products listing, for example, it will be easier for potential customers to find what they’re looking for.


In studies conducted a few years ago, it was found out that only 30% of online users actually complete their intended purchase. The reason? They cannot find what they are looking for. By making it easier for your customers to do a quick search on the products, you will gain more profit.

  • You can rely on the site to make money for you, even while you’re not working.

A well-designed e-commerce site should be able to showcase products, give potential online buyers a good user experience, accept orders and process payments. With your site working like a well-oiled machine, you can rely on it to make money for you even while you’re asleep.

  • You can build customer loyalty and gain return visitors by giving online users a good browsing experience on your site.

Only online users who had a good browsing experience would turn into repeat customers. For them to find your website navigable, easy to understand, and effective in giving them the information that they need, it all boils down to good web design. As you build customer loyalty and gain return site visitors, your profits would also increase.

  • You can reach out to your target market more effectively.

Finally, a good web design lets you reach out to your target market more effectively. If your market is localized, you can have the website developer place ads which specifically reach out to your target market. On the other hand, if you ship your products all over the US, for instance, you should have an age-specific or market-specific ad campaign. Having a well-designed site also means being able to effectively reach out to your core audience.


The more well-designed your website is, the more that your revenue will increase. As such, it definitely pays to put your money on a professionally-designed website which is geared towards reaching your objectives as a business owner. You might have to pay more for a professional web designer, but the profit that you will earn will be more than worth it in the end.